Chris Raymundo

Guy From Accounting

Who is GFA?

Hello, my name is Chris. I am the Guy From Accounting (GFA). I can best be summed up as a Jack of All Trades, a Renaissance Man, Divergent.

I have passion to analyze, enable, and facilitate. If it involves Excel and the entrepreneurial spirt, even better.

I love spreadsheets, bowling, Giants baseball, and bring weird.

This website is a collection of my randomness.

My projects, research, analysis, and stuff I love to dabble in.

Feel free to a contact me with questions, thoughts, or comments.

Let’s have coffee? 🙂

  • Dashboard Creator 95% 95%
  • Big Data Manipulator 80% 80%
  • Facilitator of Fun 69% 69%
  • Customer Happiness 89% 89%



My Recent Work